About the Industry

In New Zealand, we are lucky to enjoy a wide range of cold non-alcoholic beverages.

Our members are committed to providing consumers with a huge choice, providing beverages that suit the wide range of lifestyles we lead, as well as satisfy our individual tastes.

Whether it is a bottle of water for hydration, a juice to help you get more fruit and vegetables into your diet, an energy drink to power you through the day, or a sports drink to assist recovery following a workout, our members can provide a beverage choice for every occasion.

In fact, every year New Zealand households spend nearly $700 million on soft drinks, waters and juices - including $284 million on soft drinks, $143 million on fruit and vegetable juices and $20 million on energy drinks.

Water is by far the most consumed drink in New Zealand, with water making up 27.5% of all beverages we consume (excluding alcohol), followed by coffee, tea and milk.

By contrast, soft drinks only make up less than four percent of the drinks we are drinking, and consumption of soft drinks has actually been falling in recent years. By contrast, sales of low and no-calorie non-alcoholic beverages have increased dramatically over the past decade.

However, with such a wide range of options available, it is not always obvious to know the difference between the different types of drinks available. In this section, we try and explain the types of drinks you will find on retail shelves.

How much Kiwis are drinking

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