New Zealanders spend $1.2 billion a year on non alcoholic cold beverages, consuming 640 million litres of soft drinks, fruit juice, bottled water, sports and energy drinks, and flavoured milk.

There are over 75 New Zealand companies involved in manufacturing and importing cold beverages.

In 2005 Kiwis spent $23 million on non-carbonated bottled water products, $3.5 million on carbonated bottled water and $1 million on flavoured water products. New Zealanders' per capita consumption of bottled water is one of the lowest in the western world at just 14 litres per person p/a. Compared to 63 in Australia and 144 in Europe.

Our beverage manufacturers support the New Zealand community with a range of sponsorships and charity partnerships at both local and national level.

The New Zealand Beverage Council was formed to further the development and interests of the industry and to provide an interface with consumers, the government, and other interested parties.

NZ Beverage Council infographic: A Look Inside NZ Fridges  (pdf)

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