Sugar Taxes Ineffective and Unnecessary

6 May 2019

The New Zealand Beverage Council (NZBC) says calls by public health advocates over the weekend to introduce a sugar tax into New Zealand are unnecessary and ignore the mounting international evidence that sugar taxes are ineffective.

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Energy Drink Age Restrictions Not Necessary

3 September 2018

Responding to the United Kingdom Government’s decision to consult on age restrictions for energy drinks, the New Zealand Beverage Council says any similar restrictions on energy drinks in New Zealand would be a heavy-handed regulatory response for an issue that does not exist in this country.

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Increasing Evidence Shows Sugar Taxes Ineffective

10 July 2018

The New Zealand Beverage Council (NZBC) says that calls for a sugar tax on sugar-sweetened beverages are misguided and there is increasing international evidence that shows sugar taxes are ineffective in reducing obesity.

Council spokesperson Stephen Jones says a major report released earlier in the year by the NZIER found that the evidence that sugar taxes improve health outcomes was weak.

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Antipodes Water Judged World’s Best

9 March 2018

The New Zealand Beverage Council (NZBC) today congratulated NZBC member Antipodes Water Company for winning the gold medal for their sparkling water at this week’s 28th Berkley Springs International Water Tasting and Awards.

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