Our Commitment to Kiwi Kids

Healthy Kids

We are committed to ensuring Kiwi kids grow up fit, healthy and strong.

To achieve this our members have commited to a number of undertakings aimed at making a meaningful contribution to reducing childhood obesity rates,.

NZBC members have committed that they will only sell bottled water directly to primary and intermediate schools and that they will not sell sugar-sweetened carbonated soft drinks to secondary schools.

Read the New Zealand Beverage Council Health Wellbeing Update here. 

Our members have also committed to abide by the voluntary Children’s and Young People’s Advertising Code, the Code for Advertising Food, and the Advertising Code of Ethics. 

Our Members will not advertise any beverage in media that directly targets children under-14, or where 25% or more of the expected audience will be children under-14.

You can read more about our members commitment to responsible advertising here.