Responsible Advertising


NZBC members do not target children with their advertising.

Our members are expected to fully comply with all advertising and marketing related legislation, as well as abide by the voluntary Children’s and Young People’s Advertising Code, the Code for Advertising Food, and the Advertising Code of Ethics.

This means that our members will not advertise any beverage in any media that directly targets children under-14, or where 25 percent or more of the expected audience is under-14.

Further, our members will not design advertising that is likely to significantly appeal to children under-14.

We recognise that schools are unique learning environments and that is why we strongly believe that classrooms should remain commercial free.

Our members have committed to not undertake any commercial advertising in any primary, intermediate or secondary school.

We strongly believe that our industry and our members should be held to the commitments it has made and should be held accountable when it does not.

If you believe one of our members has breached one of the codes, you should make a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority.

You can learn more about the complaints process on their website