The New Zealand Beverage Council (NZBC) represents the manufacturers of New Zealand's juice, carbonated drink and bottled water brands, and their suppliers.

The NZBC acts as a forum to discuss issues of concern and interest to the industry, as a lobby group, and as an advocate for consumer education on health & nutrition issues.

The New Zealand Juice Association has been operating since mid 1994 and was formed to promote the interests of the fruit juice industry. In 2003 the Association opened its doors to Bottled Water companies and Carbonated Soft Drink companies, becoming the New Zealand Juice & Beverage Association. The organisation has now changed its name to the New Zealand Beverage Council.

Currently, the New Zealand Beverage Council members represent over 95% of all juice and beverages sold at a retail level in New Zealand.


To be New Zealands leading self-regulating industry association, enabling the sustainable growth of the non-alcoholic cold beverage industry.

To represent and promote the interests of the New Zealand non-alcoholic cold beverage industry by:

Actively pursuing self-regulation through the development, agreement, implementation and monitoring of Industry standards

Promoting the industry to key stakeholders – consumers, retailers, regulators, lobby groups, media and other interested parties locally and internationally.

Supporting members by communication, education, knowledge sharing and building relationships within the industry domestically and globally.

Promoting innovation and sustainability within the industry.


1.To promote, foster and advance, in a manner consistent with the public interest, the progress and development of those industries involved in and associated with the manufacture, bottling, importing and distribution of fruit juice and other non-alcoholic cold beverages (excluding non-flavoured milk) in New Zealand (“the industry”).

2. To do those things which are in the interests of the industry in New Zealand, such as the promotion of industry products, the conduct of industry conferences, the extension of consumer education in the use and benefit of industry products and the publication of matters of interest to Members of the Association or the public.

3. To cooperate with and offer advice to national and local regulatory authorities in matters pertaining to the industry and to provide a single organisation with which such authorities may consult for discussion of matters of common or mutual interest.

4. To keep Members of the Association informed in regard to legislation andcommercial and technical developments in New Zealand, Australia and other geographical areas of interest, which are pertinent to the industry.

5. To establish and maintain liaison with international organizations similar to the Association.

6. To encourage, stimulate and aid research into matters relevant to the industry.

7. To provide a positive networking environment for its Members and create opportunities for industry cooperation.

8. Make and enforce a Code of Practice to promote high standards in the industry in New Zealand.

9. Make policies and regulations to advance the attainment of any of the above objects. To perform all of the above within legal and regulatory constraints governing New Zealand.

Other issues may include:

country of origin labelling

industry awareness


overseas literature in recycling developments


supplier involvement


weights and measures

quality & technical issues

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