Container Return Scheme and Recycling

Recycling and Waste

We support measures to protect our environment, reduce litter and increase our recycling rates.

New Zealand boasts high rates of recycling, with around 97 per cent of New Zealanders having access to kerbside recycling or drop off recycling facilities provided by councils to recycle paper, glass, cans and plastics. 

NZBC members recognise their responsibility to mitigate environmental impacts of single-use beverage containers and are eager to be a part of a sustainable solution that will reduce waste to landfill, see and increase collection rates of eligible beverage containers and ultimately result increased recycling and re-processing of these high commodity materials. 

The Government is currently considering the merits of a Container Return Scheme for New Zealand to incentivise consumers and businesses to increase recycling rates, reduce litter and reduce emissions by decreasing the demand for virgin packaging materials, ultimately stimulating a circular economy for beverage containers. 

The New Zealand Beverage Council supports a cost-effective, efficient, accessible and sophisticated Container Return Scheme (CRS) to aid in the collection and recycling of the estimated 2.3 billion beverage containers sold in New Zealand each year. We are supportive of a not-for-profit, industry led scheme that embodies the key principles of product stewardship. 

The beverage industry is uniquely incentivised to balance minimising cost impacts of a CRS with maximum community benefit. The beverage industry has decades of experience behind it and has proven to deliver a successful solution that increases collection rates of beverage containers globally.